ErgoMek, LLC, offers an ultra flexible and lightweight drilling solution for high volume serial applications.  Our mission is to protect workers from injuries associated with fatigue, dust, and vibration when drilling into concrete for prolonged periods, all without sacrificing productivity.  The DrillBossTM is designed to drive either one or two drills in any direction. It is light enough that it can be used on a scissor lift or other elevated platform.  You choose the drill and let us change how you use it.  Please see our applications page for examples of typical deployments.


The DrillBossTM is productive and protective.

 Workers are more productive.

  • They don’t feel “beat up” at the end of a day of very hard labor.
  • They can work faster because the drill jig takes the punishment, so they don’t slow down in body strength/resilience.
  • Management likes seeing the work completed in much less time when compared to the usual method.

Workers are better protected.

  • Stress/strains are reduced.
  • Vibration, which is wearing, is nearly eliminated.
  • Silica dust control stops dust from affecting workers lungs.
  • Less dust makes the work less of a chore.
  • Workers like the DrillBossTM!